Nov 25 2010

Green Schools

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Kilmainhamwood NS is currently undertaking the task of applying for our first Green Flag. This is a whole school effort. Green – Schools covers many different aspects of the environment. Litter and waste is the first area which we must tackle.

We have all been very busy in our fight against litter and in trying to reduce the amount of waste produced in our school. The following are some steps we have taken to put a stop to littering ;

1) Litter monitors – Litter monitors patrol the yard twice weekly. They not only collect any litter found but also discourage us from littering. Since the introduction of the litter monitors, we have seen in a great reduction in the amount of littering on our school grounds.

2) Anti – Litter Poster Competition – The Green Schools Committee organised a competition in which 3rd to 6th class pupils were asked to design a poster with a catchy slogan which would remind boys and girls to put their rubbish in the bin. Congratulations to Kevin Farrelly and Holly Ronayne on their winning entries. These posters can  now be seen displayed throughout the school.

3) We may very well soon see the Green Schools Committee as the headline act in the O2! The eight members of our comittee composed a rap which discourages against littering. We have performed it for the school and due to popular demand, we will be performing it again very soon. Watch this space….

4) The Green Schools Committee has also been busy thinking of ways that we can reduce waste in our school. Healthy eating is encouraged, as we can add fruit skins to our compost bin. We have also been asking boys and girls to pack their lunches in lunch boxes. This reduces in the amount of waste created by tin foil, cling film and sandwich bags. Further ways in which we have reduced waste in our school include ;

  • the recycling of paper towels
  • a ‘scrap box’ for pieces of paper which can be re-used
  • double-sided photocopying
  • collection points for the recycling of batteries

5) Each classroom has become involved in our Green-Schools campaign. The problem of litter and the reduction of waste can be linked to curricular areas such as Science and pupils have been learning about recycling in class.

Before the end of our school year, we hope to hold an Action Day. We will be asking for the involvement of the community. This day will include a clean up of the local area and other fun activities and events which we hope will raise the awareness of environmental issues in Kilmainhamwood.

Waste Free Wednesday

We will hold another Waste Free Wednesday tomorrow the 15th June. We, the Green Schhols Committee, ask all children to bring a lunch to school with as little waste as possible.

Our tips :

1) No tinfoil or sandwich bags, all you need is a lunch box.

2) Crisps, sweets and chocolate are not only bad for your health, they are bad for our planet.

We hope everyone makes an effort to bring a Waste Free Lunch to school tomorrow. The Green Schools Committee will be checking at lunch time which class is the healthiest and greenest. Good Luck!

Green Schools Action Day

On Friday 11 March, our school held our Green Schools Action Day. It was a great success

Litter Pick Up

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Firstly, the school was divided into eight groups and each group had a leader. We were each assigned an area in the village to clean up. Altogether we collected 150kg approximately of rubbish. We hope that this will help the people of Kilmainhamwood keep their beautiful village clean.

In the afternoon, our parents were invited to the school to watch our amazing costumes made from recyclable material in a fun fashion show.  We were excited and nervous to walk the catwalk and the atmosphere was electric. Our costumes were made from materials such as newspaper, plastic and cardboard.

Written by the Green Schools Committee

A Fruity Waste Free Wednesday

The Green Committe like a challenge and they were keen to encourage all the boys and girls in our school to bring a waste free lunch to school on Waste Free Wednesday. Each committe member painted their face and renamed themselves as a fruit ; Albert Apple, Suzie Strawberry, Ollie Orange, Barry Banana and Kevin Kiwi. They then visited each class and gave their classmates ideas of how to acheive a Waste Free Lunch. Everyone enjoyed their visit and Waste Free Wednesday has proved to be a great success.


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