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Mar 22 2012

Junior and Senior Infants Celebrate Lá ‘le Pádraig

On Friday 16th of March, Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed a special treat in honour of our patron saint – lime jelly! Friday was a very busy day in our classroom, as we made  Mothers Day cards and a St.Patrick’s Day headband. So in order to make sure we had plenty of energy for the long and busy weekend ahead of us, we gobbled up our lime jelly!


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Nov 16 2011

Is maith linn pizza!

On Friday last, Junior and Senior Infants enjoyed a special treat. We had been learning new words in Irish, all about food. Throughout the week, we learned new words such as ceapaire ,oráiste, bainne, brioscaí, sú oráiste, milseáin, bosca loin and seacláid.Then we talked about whether or not we liked these types of food and drinks –

Is maith liom úll

Is maith liom ceapaire

Is maith liom sú oráiste

I mo bhosca lóin


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Sep 23 2011

Junior and Senior Infants Say Hello!

There are 29 boys and girls in our class. We sit at the red, the yellow, the green, the orange and the blue tables. We like doing our homework, singing songs, practising our handwriting, playing outside and learning our new sounds. Every Friday we have a Student of the Week in our classroom. The Student of the Week brings home Ted. Ted is our classroom buddy. He has a suitcase filled with clothes, toys and books. He also has a scrapbook which we write in.

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