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Junior – 2nd Class School Tour

On Thursday 16th of June Junior and Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd class went on our school tour to Causey Farm. The bus was slow but we had fun. When we got there, we went to the bubble room and blew big bubbles. Then we went on a tractor and trailer ride. We sang the Crazy Moose song. When we got off the trailer, we walked throught the forest. We learned that squirrels live in a dray.

After that a man talked to us about the bog and we got to stack the turf. Then we went into the bog and jumped up and down in the muck. It was super fun. When we were finished jumping up and down in the bog, we went on an obstacle course, a treasure hunt and we made things from clay. We were getting tired but we still had energy to go and see the farm animals. We all loved seeing the puppies the most.

On the way home, we sang songs. We had a super fantastic day. Take a look at our photos!

School Tour

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Circle of Energy

In third and fourth class we investigated electrical circuits. A battery is a safe way of making and using current electricity in the classroom. The metal parts at the top and bottom of the battery are called terminals. We discovered that electricity can only travel if it can find a path all the way from one terminal to another. This circle of energy is called a circuit. We had great fun making the circuits and lighting the bulbs. Check out our photos to see how we did it.

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We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

This week, we  have been learning the song, ‘Yellow Submarine’, by The Beatles. We really like to sing this song. It makes us happy.

Today, we decided to make our own submarines. Some of us designed yellow submarines and some of us made up our own designs. Take a look….


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The Loon on the Moon

Junior and Senior Infants are reading the book Loon on the Moon this week. The author of the book is Chae Strathie and the pictures are illustrated by Emily Golden. The Loon on the Moon collects dreams to keep the moon lit up. He travels to Earth in his Loonzoomer and then he zooms back up again to the moon and uses the dream steam to power the engine, that lights up the light bulbs, that make the moon glow. One evening, the loon can’t find anymore dreams so he decides to visit other planets and look for dream steam there.

The Loon visits the Moptops on Mercury, the Noodles on Neptune, the Vimtingles on Venus, the Yoohoos from Uranus, the Singdings on Saturn, the Minimoos on Mars, the Jiffles on Jupiter and the Pollywollyplumpkins on Pluto. To find out if the Loon is successful, you will have to read the story.

Junior and Senior Infants give two thunbs up to this story. It is a funny story and the Loon makes us laugh.

Thank you for reading our review!

Junior and Senior Infants Dance with Sile

Today we had our second dance lesson of this term. We had lots of fun. The song we were putting our dance moves to is called ‘Rock Star’.  We have to listen to Sile for instructions.We play a pretend guitar, we twirl, we go forwards and backwards and clap and we jump up and down alot. Check out some photos of our dance lesson.

Junior and Senior Infants make Butter!

Last week we learned about life on the farm. We really enjoyed learning about farm animals and singing songs  about life on a  farm so on Friday 11 Febraury, we decided to make our very own butter. This is what we did ;

  1. We poured cream into a small jar and made sure the lid was closed very tightly.
  2. Then we played some music which we could dance to.


  1. As the music played, we passed around the jar. We each had a turn in shaking the jar.
  2. By the time the music had stopped, we were tired. We opened the jar to find out if we had made butter.
  3. We were so happy. It worked! We ate bread with our very own home made butter and some ordinary butter. We all agreed that our butter was far better!


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